Sabz Burj, New Delhi

Sabz Burj, New Delhi

It is a monument that one can not miss because it is located at the busy Mathura Road crossing. Sabz Burj means Green Dome. However, the dome is predominantly blue. Actually, it was green initially, but as a part of restoration work, the dome has become blue. And, for this reason, it is also known as Neeli Chattri. However, the monument is striking and deserves a place of its own.

Not much is known about Sabz Burj. It is said to have been built sometime in the sixteenth century. It is not known who built this monument or whose tomb it is.

Sabz Burj is also important in the sense that it signals the beginning of a group of monuments culminating into the splendid Humayun’s Tomb.

Sabz Burj, a closer view

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