Delhi Zoo

National Zoological Park, New Delhi

The National Zoological Park, New Delhi, popularly known as the Delhi Zoo, is located on the Mathura Road, just next to the Old Fort, or Purana Qila. It was established in November 1959 after six years of work at various levels. The zoo has a forest-cum-park like environment without any kind of pollution. A visit to the zoo gives a unique opportunity to appreciate flora and fauna of India and also of other countries. The Delhi Zoo is a very popular tourist spot and a lot of people come here every day. The zoo is open from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM everyday except on Fridays when it is closed to visitors.


As you enter the zoo, it is all trees and paths.

Inside the Zoo

A garden just near the entrance

Two ducks by the side of a water channel

A duck relaxes by standing on one leg

Two blackbucks get ready for a showdown

A lion-tailed macaque uses a bridge to go to the other side

There are two or three ponds with lots of water and supporting trees for water-birds, mainly painted storks. Painted storks come here about a month after the onset of the monsoons and make their nests. One can see little storks at different stages of development in subsequent months.

A pond at the Zoo frequented by painted storks


Painted storks, building their nest


A bird

A kingfisher, sitting on a branch

A little rhinoceros

A little hippopotamus

A pelican takes a swim

Spotted deer

A deer tries to beat the heat by hitting the pool

The older giraffe showers affection on the younger one


A Himalayan bear takes a break

Hoolock or Whitebrowed Gibbon





Royal Bengal Tiger

Two white tigers

Two tigers in a not-so-friendly mood

Two emus

Two elephants, young and the old, get together

Cape Buffalo



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