Isa Khan Tomb

Isa Khan Tomb

Isa Khan Niyazi was a noble in the court of Sher Shah Suri. Isa Khan Tomb Enclosure is located just outside the Humayun’s Tomb. The Enclosure has his tomb and a mosque, which were built in 1547-48, during his lifetime.

The entrance is through a picturesque gate, symmetrical even though in ruins.

The entrance to Isa Khan Tomb

Isa Khan Tomb Entrance - Interior

The tomb’s layout is octagonal in plan an has striking domes, screens and decorations. It is believed that Isa Khan’s tomb influenced the architecture of Humayun’s Tomb.

Isa Khan Tomb

Just across the tomb is a mosque, known as Isa Khan Mosque.

Mosque at Isa Khan Tomb Enclosure

There are stairs at the tomb, mosque and also along the boundary wall, allowing visitors to go up and get an aerial view of the surroundings.


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