Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses, Delhi

The Garden of Five Senses is a fine park developed by the Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC). It was opened to the public in 2003. It is called the Garden of Five Senses because a visit here can stimulate and invigorate ones five senses. It is located at the at the Said-ul-Aizab village just off the Mehrauli Badarpur Road near the Saket Metro train station in Delhi.

The first impression one gets on entering the park is of a lot of greenery. There are trees all around of various sizes and shapes, ranging from small plants to full size trees. And as you enter the park you come face to face with closely located trees with copious green branches full of leaves. Then, there is the hilly terrain which creates great angles to the the views in the garden. Thirdly, small thematic locations like solar park, water lily pool, wind chimes, special gardens and restaurants create small pockets of urban influence in what is essentially a place close to nature. Lastly, there are immaculately maintained pathways and the walking trail is quite clean. And, there are adequate restaurants and kiosks just in case one gets tired walking and some immediate nourishment is required.


Elephant statues close to the entrance

Trees and plants near the entrance

More trees


Solar Park

Solar Park


Rocks near the amphitheatre

Khwabgah is the highest place in the Garden

Delhi’s impressive green cover, as seen from Khwabgah

Wind chimes

Lotus and water lily

Prayer ground

A pathway

A statue


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  • Ranita Sinha

    Nice post and the clicks are very beautiful and nature fresh..

  • Delhi cabs

    Garden of five sense is being developed by Delhi Tourism. And it is the latest and most beautiful garden in Delhi.